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Business Opportunity in Melaka?

Part Time or Full Time

'PUSAT USAHAWAN NUTRISI MELAKA' duely opens in August 2011!

ARRIBA%20LOGO.jpgWe are offering serious individuals who would be interested in a new opportunity as ARRIBA WELLNESS CLUBS UK/M'SIA - ' NUTRITION TRAINERS & MANAGERS ' in Malacca.

Initially, we are offering 10 SERIOUS individuals to be coach and groom for the above business opportunity for the next 90 days to help educate and coach:

i. Work From Home Mums
ii. Graduate University/College Students
iv.New & Existing Entrepreneurs, or
v. Anyone who are looking to work independently and earn what they are worth!

This opportunity is aimed at serious individuals who are looking for something better than a 9-5pm job through helping the community in Malacca make better lifestyle choices.

You do not need a background in health, nutrition, sports or beauty to start as comprehensive support, systems, trainings are provided with immediate start.

Would you like to earn what you are worth and fulfill your potential and be successful among our dynamic team and help with our "Get Active, Eat Right" Ppogramme for Malaysian especially the Malaccans?

If you are interested, contact us on 016 320 7819 for appointment to get your
Membership before you are able to start your Part Time or Full Time Business Opportunity above with us.

Look forward to hear from YOU sooner!

Thank you.

016 320 7819

Branch:  K8 Medan Selera Simpang Peringgit,75400 Melaka
             Tel: 606  286 7819 / 016 320 7819 / 013 271 2253
Do you feel Tired, Lacking in Energy to take on the Day?

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to feel great, be healthy and look well? You are not alone, but without some help the majority of people lose site of what it means to feel full of vitality and raring to take on the day instead of tired and lack-lustre. So how can we achieve optimum wellness?

Take a 7 Step Wellness Programme at our Wellness Club

Step-1 - Define Your Wellness Goals

Step-2 - Have an Evaluation of Your Personal Wellness

Step-3 - Identify the Areas You Need to Work On

Step-4 - Recommendations on How to Reach Your Wellness Goals

Step-5 - Make an Action Plan that You can Commit To

Step-6 - Ongoing Support

Step-7 - Review Your Progress Regularly

More details on Wellness Evaluations

Call the Wellness Point in Melaka to arrange your Personal Wellness Evaluation.

AHBN Wellness Point
K8 Medan Selera Simpang Peringgit
75400 Peringgit

016 -320 7819.

Rev Up Your Bodys Engine

We often blame our "slow metabolism" for our inability to keep our weight under control. But what is metabolism, exactly? And is there anything we can do to boost our metabolic rate?

Metabolism basically refers to all the chemical processes that take place in the body in order to sustain life-allowing you to breathe, pump blood, keep your brain functioning and extract energy from your food. When you hear the term metabolic rate-more accurately called basal (or resting) metabolic rate-that refers to the number of calories your body at rest uses each day, just to keep all your vital organs functioning. You burn additional calories through your daily activities and formal exercise, but by far, the majority of the calories that you burn each day are your basal calories.

The number of calories that you burn every day is directly related to your body composition. Think of your body as divided into two compartments. In one compartment is all the body fat; in the other compartment is everything that isn't fat (e.g., bone, fluid, tissue, muscle)-that's the fat-free compartment. The size of your fat-free compartment determines your metabolic rate, with every pound of fat-free mass burning about 14 calories per day.

If you weigh 150 pounds and 50 pounds of you is fat and 100 pounds is fat-free, then you would burn about 1,400 calories per day at rest. If you don't get much activity, you won't burn much more than this throughout the day. But if you weigh 150 pounds and 25 pounds of you is fat, and 125 pounds of you is fat free, then you burn 1,750 calories per day at rest. And if you get some regular exercise and burn a few hundred calories more per day, your total calorie burn for the day might be 2,000 calories! Since the fat-free compartment contains muscle tissue, one of the best things you can do to boost your metabolic rate is to strength-train to increase your muscle mass. If you build up 10 pounds of lean body mass, that's another 140 extra calories that you burn per day-not to mention the calories that you burn through exercise.


Keep your metabolism revved with these tips:

  • Engage in 30 minutes of activity every day to help minimize weight gain and to boost metabolic rate
  • Tone your muscles by weight training three days a week
  • Start small-try walking with one- to two-pound weights
  • Do not eat fewer than 1,200 calories a day. Eating too little may slow your metabolism
  • Never skip breakfast. It may slow down your metabolism.
  • Nutritional supplements, such as Herbalife's Thermojetics Instant Herbal Tea Beverage, can help support the metabolism.
  • Have a supply of protein-powered healthy snacks on hand as an alternative to carb-loaded junk food

Your muscle mass works like a furnace, burning calories and stored fat for energy. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the faster you burn calories. Eating plenty of protein daily is essential to maintaining your muscle mass for good health, energy and effective weight management


   Obesity often goes hand-in-hand with the Metabolic Syndrome - a cluster of five factors that include high blood pressure, a large waist circumference, elevated blood sugar and triglycerides, and reduced blood levels of HDL cholesterol.

   Weight loss is one of the first lines of defense in treating the syndrome, and researchers from the University of Ulm, Germany, have found that increased amounts of protein in the diet lead to greater improvement in metabolic syndrome risk factors when compared to a standard level of protein.

  The study, presented this weekend at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society in Phoenix, enrolled 110 overweight subjects with the metabolic syndrome who were randomly divided into two groups, and were followed for one year.

Lose weight and gain vitality

lose-weight.jpgAfter retiring from the Immigration service, i found myself at home with 4 grown up children, and with nothing to do. Because i wasnt doing much ,i gained weight, had no energy and took a nap every afternoon. I used the products....I lost weight 10 kgs and dropped my from dress size ' XL ' drop to size ' M ' . Iam now feeling better and healthier and I dont need to take my nap anymore, which has given me a lot more hours in a day. Best of all ..i kept the weight off ever since and have lots of energy and vitality!!.

"These results are not typical and may vary"

What type of breakfast?

What did you have for breakfast today?

What do you have for breakfast? Chances are, like most people, you have either a simple carbohydrate 'meal' of toast or cereal, or you skip breakfast entirely (usually leading to mid-morning snacking).

Both of these approaches lead to rapid increases in blood sugar and insulin, carbohydrate cravings (snacking) and a drop in energy.

Carbohydrate-based breakfast...
In the morning, simple carbohydrates (sugary refined cereals, white bread, toast etc) cause
carbs_breakfast.png an immediate surge in blood sugar, which results in a substantial release of insulin from our pancreas.

The insulin removes most of the sugar from our blood, turning any excess into fat. This decreased level of blood sugar results in further cravings for carbohydrates.

This vicious cycle constitutes one of the major reasons for diabetes, high blood pressure and extra weight.

Skipping breakfast...
When we skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal level , leading to cravings and a
no_breakfast.png drop in energy.

To deal with cravings, we usually revert to snacking on simple carbohydrates, causing a fast rise in blood sugar levels and a substantial insulin emission. The insulin removes most of the sugar from the blood and turns any excess into fat. Our body, now low in blood sugar, experiences further cravings and a drop in energy.

This vicious cycle constitutes one of the major reasons for diabetes, high blood pressure and extra weight


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